• Nico Kotsapanajotou

The evolution of E-Commerce

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The world of e-commerce is moving faster than ever before. After recently reporting on the biggest challenges in e-commerce, this time we have summarised some of the most important changes and e-commerce trends of the last few years in infographics.


With microservices, APIs, cloud and headless systems, the monolithic structures are being broken down. The coupling of backends and touchpoints with which users interact is gradually being removed. Individualisation of software is becoming easier and the impact of updates is decreasing.


Data is consolidated across all channels and combined in data lakes or warehouses. Modern APIs and specialised systems (such as PIMs) transfer data more reliably and faster than ever before. Artificial intelligence and automation are entering the world of e-commerce.

Customer Journey

A seamless shopping experience across all devices and channels is now essential to retain customers in the long term. Customers expect local payment and shipping methods and are increasingly open to communication beyond the familiar channels.


User behaviour and content play a bigger role than ever before. If you want to reach your target group, you have to deal with moving images and influencers. The topic of sustainability should also play a role in the company presentation.


Driven by Covid-19, the world of work in e-commerce is more permissive than ever. Collaborative working from anywhere and at any time is no longer a rarity. Small teams focus on profitable output and less on numerous overtime hours.


A wide variety of business areas are tested on the market using agile methods within the framework of minimum viable products, further developed and expanded into models that can be scaled in the long term.


Anyone who wants to be successful in e-commerce today must above all follow technological trends and position themselves for long-term scalability. Anyone who works in the e-commerce world and has a passion for technology can look forward to the upcoming years. Because one thing is certain: the next innovation is already around the corner.

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